Permanent MakeUp

Your perfect makeup at any time of the day or night

 Would you like to wake up beautiful every morning? Great news Рyou will look fresh and pretty 24/7, and this effect lasts from 1 to 2 years. How can you achieve it? Sign up for a Permanent Makeup procedure at Timeless Beauty Salon and start your day with a smile and a good mood.
What else makes tattoo the best solution for you? This procedure helps to find a unique, attractive image; emphasize advantages, and hide all imperfections of the contours of the lips, eye shape, and eyebrows.
Our studio in NYC creates beauty using non-surgical techniques like microblading (phibrows), top and bottom eyeliner, lip liner, and tattoo touch-up. So, do you want to have perfect brows? The permanent makeup professionals in Queens Salon are waiting for you.

Eyebrows Microblading: $300
3D permanent eyebrows: $325
Full lips tattoo: $300
Lip liner: $180
Top liner touch up: $100
Top liner tattoo: $250
Top eyeliner touch up: $150
Bottom eyeliner: $150
Bottom liner touch up: $100
Top & bottom eyeliner: $400
Beauty mark: $50
Permanent makeup Touch up:
1 month/1 year = $200
2 years touch up: $220